(10:00 ET, 15 November 2022) New York, NY

Tik Tok creator Lala Sadii has agreed to collaborate with Galaxy Games’s Nintendo Switch game Yum Yum Cookstar. The 19 year old said that ‘everyone knows that I love to cook, but perhaps don’t know that my brothers and me grew up laying Nintendo so being involved with a cooking game is a dream’.

Senior Producer Joe McHale said that “partnering with Lala on Yum Yum Cookstar was a natural since smoothies and other whimsical recipes are a major part of her creations”.

In Yum Yum Cookstar, players stir, fry, chop and bake their way through more than 70 unique recipes in a wild competition hosted by Chef Yum Yum. Turn your kitchen and its appliances into your very own culinary kingdom through various customization options.

Chef Yum Yum presents colorful and creative dishes for everyone, including vegetarian variants. Her varied menu includes Rainbow Waffles, Sushi Burritos, French Toast Cake and much more.

Three judges join Chef Yum Yum: Ambrosia, Basil and Max rate players’ cooking with comedic lines written by National Lampoon. Share their praise or scathing reviews – if you dare – from the game straight to social media and let the world participate in your wins and losses.

Yum Yum Cookstar also includes a hot original dance soundtrack produced by Nile Rodgers who produced Madonna, David Bowie and Chic.


  • Over 70 unique recipes
  • Touch, motion or controller
  • Rhythm based minigames
  • Share comedic judge reactions on social media!
  • Customizable kitchen and appliances
  • 4 difficulty modes: Relaxed, Casual, Pro, Cookstar

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